Benefits of Cloaker

  1. Generates unique and irreversable codes for passwords and security questions from any iOS device without the need to syncronize the passwords between devices. No cloud connection required - nothing!
  2. Provides two factor authentication for greater security:
    • Factor 1 - Something you know: Your PIN and differing but easy to remember seed words like "Paypal", "eBay" etc.
    • Factor 2 - Something you have: This app running on any ios device. The same codes will be generated on any device based on your PIN and seed words without the need for synchronization.
  3. Does not store an encrypted version of your PIN or seed words like password safes do. Even with encryption stored words can be hacked and discovered. Instead, Cloaker uses the latest one-way hashing algorithm to recreate the codes each time the PIN and seed words are entered leaving no trace of your PIN or seed words.
  4. No need to backup a password safe file or synchronize multiple copies across devices like you need to with password safes.
  5. Selected codes can be remembered by the device, if desired, but only a one-way hash of the number of the selected code is stored - not the seed or generated codes.