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"Rapidly learn and develop note sight reading skills"

This easy to use yet addictively challenging app will have you sight reading music notation and easily recognizing chords and intervals in a very short time. You can train with songs or random notes.

Helpers like 'Show Correct Key' and 'Piano Keyboard Map' provide invaluable aides to get you familiar with the relationship between music notes, sheet music and the piano keyboard. When you feel like you've mastered your current training you can turn off each helper with one touch to test your newly developed skills and progress at your own pace.

In addition, the app analyses note recognition accuracy as well as timing accuracy (how long each note should be played for) to help you guage how well you're doing. Even if you select a few wrong notes the timing analysis will account for it and still give you an accurate representation of how close your timing was to exact.

As an added incentive, your skills development journey is accompanied by a picturesque, slowly scrolling background scene that evokes a sense of peaceful wellbeing as you progress towards musical greatness :-)

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